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        Sidewalk Chalk
Everything you need to become a famous graffiti artist is right in this box (except for a "Get out of Jail Free" card, because this graffiti is washable). Mix up our special Renegade Made® Chalk Paint at home, then grab the enclosed re-usable stencils, brushes, and of course, your bandit mask to go anonymously paint the town with funny, inspiring phrases and art. Use the 7 precut graffiti stencils to convey messages like "Make Art, Not Your Bed", "The Best Things In Life Aren't Things" or advertise for the next time travelers meeting (last Tuesday). Use the brushes and paint to free form your own graffiti sidewalk art and messages, and you will get the incredible satisfaction of brightening people's day with something that you created. 
This Kit Supports:

At Part Time Renegade, LLC. we believe in both inspiring good and doing good ourselves. That is why we not only encourage you to make people happy with your art, but we also donate a portion of the purchase price of every kit to a deserving charity that we believe in.


Every Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Kit purchased will benefit Camp Kesem , a nationwide community, driven by passionate college students, that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer. (Find out more about their fun-filled, innovative programs at We thank you for your purchase.

what you get:
  • 7 creative "Tagging" re-usable stencil sheets, including one with loose graphics to make your own designs
  • 1 stencil brush

  • 3 chalk paint mixing cups

  • 6 40g packs of washable chalk paint powders (2 packs of each color)

  • 6 paint stirring sticks

  • 1 Renegade mask


Ready to walk on the wild side?

Parents' Choice Silver Award 2017

    Click PDF below for  detailed kit instructions

Our customers are so creative! They've used this kit for lots of fun activities:

  • decorated the sidewalks for a charity walk to keep the participants laughing

  • used the sayings (and thier own additions) as part of a creative way to ask a date to a dance

  • used these stencils and chalk as a way to guide people into their storefront

  • stenciled a friends driveway for their birthday

  • teachers stenciling the playground as a surprise for their students

What will you come up with?

Creative ways to use this kit: