Kindness Missions that even young kids can do

For a PRINTABLE list of Kindness Missions, click  HERE
  •  Go through your books and pick a few that you've enjoyed and would be willing to part with. Wrap each one and leave at a park with a note or picture saying that it's a gift for the next person to love. It would be extra special if you make a wonderful bookmark to go in it as well.

  •  Clip as many coupons as you can from your paper and grab some tape. Go with your family on a Reverse Treasure Hunt to the grocery store where you find the items that you have coupons for on the shelves, and tape them up for someone to take. See who can find and match up the most items.    

  •  Call the local animal shelter and see when you can come in to just pet and hold some of the animals. Many of these animals never get individual attention and everyone needs love! If you have old towels or sheets, bring them too. Shelters use these for lining pet cages, cleaning up messes, drying off wet dogs, providing warm bedding, and covering kennel doors when pets need a rest from the light.

  •  Have a race with your siblings or friends to see who can open the most doors for people in a day. Add a little bow or curtsy each time and say in a very fancy way "After you, Sir" or "Right this way, M'Lady!" Extra points if you use an accent. This would be a really great time to wear a mask, tiara, or top hat.

  •  Write an anonymous note or draw pictures of why you are grateful for your favorite local store. Tape it to their front door after they close. It will be the first thing they see in the morning as they open and many of these stores really struggle to compete with the big stores every day. We promise- they will treasure this.

  •  Buy some warm socks and pairs of gloves and stuff them full of fruit, energy bars, small toiletries and a homemade picture from you. Go with your family to hand them out to homeless people in your city.

  •  Learn a really funny joke or riddle. When you see someone who could use a smile, ask if they want to hear it. Give it your BEST delivery!

  •   Is your bread stale? Yuck! You know who would love that? Pigeons, ducks, and geese. Tear it up into tiny bits and go feed them. Everyone appreciates a homemade meal.

  •  Next time you go to the park, make and bring a HUGE jug of lemonade and cups. Hand out your free refreshments with wreckless abandon (though check with parents first before you give it to any kids, so maybe slightly wreckless abandon).

  •  Wave to EVERYONE when you are in your car. How many people wave back and smile?

  •  Buy little frames at the Dollar Store or find some that you are not using. Make a picture or write a nice saying and put it in each frame. Give them away to strangers or leave them in a public place with a note, telling them that you made this for them, and they can choose to keep the art and frame, or make their own then do this for someone else.

  •  Write "You're so Cool" on stickers and attach to bottles of water. On a hot day bring a bucket full of these cold water bottles and hand them out to the people at the bus stop. Don't forget the bus driver!

  •  Make your very own Kindness Cootie Catcher to play with friends. Find the directions here.  

  •  Buy or pick a bouquet of flowers. Hand out a flower to each person you see and say that you hope that they have as nice a day as you are having.

  • Use Sharpies to decorate a "Just Because" plate, then bake a treat to go on it and give to someone. The person who receives it will be instructed to pass it along and keep the kindness going- hopefully the plate will come back to you (but not with vegetables on it). Find the easy directions here.

  •  Make your most beautiful chalk drawing as a surprise on someone's sidewalk or driveway when you know they are not there. You can leave a note that the Art Fairy has visited them and hopes that they have a nice day. •    Did you know that there are people who live in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals who never have anyone who visits them? Get out your best most colorful crayons, paints, and pencils and get busy making as many beautiful cards or pictures as you can. Call the center to see if you can visit to deliver these in person, or just drop them off and say that they are for any resident who needs a smile.

  • Do you know anyone who speaks another lanquage? It must be difficult to hear English everywhere you go when it's not what you are used to hearing. Click here to go to translate words from English into many other languages. Find out how to say "Hello, it's nice to see you" in their language, and learn how to say it. They'll be so surprised!