Who are these Renegades anyway?

Nicole Jakob
Chief Renegade
Part-Time Renegade® LLC

 Though I've always fancied myself a Part-Time Renegade®, it didn't become official until I decided to create a line of craft and activity kits to help teach kids altruism in a fun, cheeky way. Inspired by a LOVE of art and a HATE of participation trophies, I set out to make a product that teaches young citizens of the world that making people happy is not only the right thing to do -- it is also ridiculously fun. We all want to teach our kids that they should be kind not for recognition or rewards, but kids have to enjoy what they're doing!


These four kits are full of activities, crafts, and more ideas on how to wreak happiness in unsuspecting strangers with  anonymous acts of kindness and fantastic frivolity. Unlike anything on the market, this mash up between            street art and random acts of kindness  will guide your child to create something fantastic that will bring joy to those around them, and inspire others to do the same. And since we believe so strongly in making people happy with our actions, we will donate a portion of the purchase price of each kit to a deserving charity*. 


 Finally a line of products equally fun for both boys and girls that contain activities that can be done alone or with friends. Renegade Made Kits put the focus on anonymous acts of silliness and kindness by supplying everything you need to start infecting the world around you with pure unabashed joy. It's so much nicer than infecting the world with stomach flu, don't you think?


Nicole Jakob

Founder and Chief Renegade



* to see which charities we are supporting, look on each product page on our website